Many Ways to Get & Stay Healthy!

Air, Food andWater can all be used to Get & Stay Healthy


After I broke my leg skiing about 1989ish, with a size 44 waist, I started my own rehab called jogging.  I had no clue I was alkalizing my body.  Sibling rivalry got me into marathon running.  I was never sick.  I had no clue I was alkalizing my mind.

In 2000, after 14 marathons, and with the birth of a beautiful baby, I needed to spend time at home, not time on the street training for the next marathon.  I re-visited Yoga.  I was clueless that I was alkalizing my body and mind.  I became strong in many ways.  Selected Yoga movements and postures are in all so-called modern day exercise routines.

Years ago, I strayed away from Yoga and had one undiagnosed ailment after another.  I began reading about  food, water, sustainability, and learning how our spaceship earth became toxic, and less diverse.  I was clueless, but acted on multiple ideas.  Plant based food, alkaline water, and old fashioned exercise, to which I added yoga style breathing.  Good health returned.  I learned being healthy is simple, as our human lives were simple centuries ago.

Is today's world unlike the world of the 1950s and before?  Have water, food, and air have become problematic, if not toxic?

Are there multiple strategies to maintain, or regain, health?  

What about: Hi pH Water, Alkalizing Food, and Breathing Methods to Alkalize?  Is Politics a strategy for health?

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