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Can Breathing Alkalize You?
Are there ways to Breathe to increase Alkalinity?
Can a Breathing Exercise be done in two minutes?

Unless you know Yoga or Mindfulness breathing, then your breathing is mostly, if not always done automatically, without thinking or intention.  A very low level of alkalizing your blood.

Breathing from exercise is also automatic, without thinking, because the exercise stress placed on the body drives the body's desire for increased oxygen in the blood.  A higher rate of breathing during exercise is not alkalizing because the extra oxygenation is burned by the chemistry of the exercise.

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Yoga Breathing (Mindfulness Breathing is a modern day term for Yoga Breathing) is intentional, thought based, measured, scientific form of breathing that allows you to heal, or stay healthy.

Yoga breathing exercises create alkalinity in many ways.  Two major ways are  (1) Oxygenating your blood and (2) allowing your parasympathetic nervous system to relax your body and mind.

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