Many Ways to Get & Stay Healthy!

Air, Food andWater can all be used to Get & Stay Healthy

How easy can it be to cook?
How easy can it be to grow?

On weekends, my dad liked to cook breakfasts, and Gourmet Magazine meals.  Often I was his helper in the 1950s and 1960s.  Diet became a study for me ihn the mid-1980s.  Many books and YouTube documentaries later: the food I ate in the 1950s and into the early 1960s was healthy and nutritious.  Did not give me childhood diabetes, autism or cancer.  There are now hundreds of genetically modified strains of wheat, corn and soy, 90% of which are sprayed with the carcinogen glyphosate, in RoundUp, and fed to the meat, cattle, pigs, and chickens, along with hormones.  We do not notice the daily stress of bad food building up, but when the tipping point is reached . . .  I got to the tipping point, resisted the standard fare of pharma, and instead embraced multiple strategies to get well.

So, I share what I cook, as a lazy dad, strapped for time, but determined to eat well and offer good food to my children.  There are no recipes with the ego of the chef who lists countless ingredients and spices to show food knowledge.  

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