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The Singular Legacy of Clinton-Bush

Recent information I read, and watched on YouTube, indicates that Presidents Clinton and Bush were 100% the same when it came to promoting toxic food production, water and ocean pollution, global warming, rain forest destruction, world hunger, and the diseases that follow: diabetes, heart disease and cancer. I learned how the Clinton and Bush policies, and appointees to the Department of Agriculture and the Food & Drug Administration, with the help of both parties in Congress, allowed the following:

Taxpayer money subsidized 80% of our corn becoming GMO, which is sprayed with Roundup, and fed to most of the cattle, chickens and pigs. This type of feeding, on the factory meat production farms, makes the cattle, chickens and pigs sick. Then, big pharma provides antibiotics to keep them alive, and provides hormones to fatten them up, until the slaughter. 80% of the big pharma drugs are sold to the factory farm industry.

In my opinion, these policies of Clinton and Bush (1) poisoned our food and (2) poisoned our water supply and oceans. Poisoned food begets diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Roundup is banned in the European Union, most of South America, India, China, and many other countries, but not here, in the United States. Our Congress being more interested in debating the past blemished personal lives of politicians, instead of the present moment causes of ill health. Our children have autism, cancer and hormone problems at high rates unheard of years ago. The debate in the upcoming presidential election should be about banning Roundup, and how to calculate the correct amount of tax on factory meat farming and the pharmaceuticals sold to the factory meat farming industry, to pay for the health care costs, and environmental clean up costs.

More global warming is caused by the factory farming industry than by the fossil fuel burning industry.

The flatulence from factory farmed cattle puts more global warming ingredients into the atmosphere than the fossil fuel industry, including vehicular emissions

There are dead zones in the Gulf of Mexico, believed by many scientists, to be from uncontrolled Roundup & pesticides running off the fields, and from manure containing toxic those chemicals from cows / pigs / chickens, that flows into tributaries of the Mississippi.

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