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Kale, Wow, What an Alkalizer

My cousin steams kale.  I visit her and her husband for lunch.  I eat the steamed kale.  It is so good, and has a sweetness about it.

So, for whatever reason, we are talking about pH, and my cousin tells me that she and her husband test their urine pH daily.  When they eat steamed kale, the pH reading goes up, well into the alkaline range.
Can this alkaline dish be easier to make?
Five minutes or less to cut.  
Eight minutes to steam.

Can anyone think what I have been snacking on?  And a friend, with whom I shared my steamed kale, did not desire to try it, because kale is not pleasant tasting by itself.  But after some convincing words, she said: "This is good.  There is a sweetness about it."

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